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July 1, 2013


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"If you`re looking for an incredibly fun and challenging new game to play, Hero Tower Defense TD is a must." - AndroidAppsReview.com


Hero Defense combines tower defense with classic role play gaming elements. Lead a group of heroes, improve their skills and buy better equipment. Build turrets and enhance them further. Fight back the hordes of evil monsters which are coming from the dark. Get through to the root of all evil and finish this invasion. Are you rise to that challenge? Hero Defense is a real alternative to all the casual "just click" games. The target group is the core gamer, who wants to experience deep gameplay and excitement.


In the beginning I just wanted to learn how to develop android apps. I am a professional software engineer and I am primary working for the automotive industry. My last hobby project was already a few years ago so I’ve decided to develop a small android app. I began writing a simple tower defense app and soon it started to make much fun. It was fun developing the app and testing it as well. That’s why I started to add more and more features. And nearly a year later, the game has far more features and depth than most of the android games out there.


34 base skills (44 planed)
62 different weapons (over 75 planned) with different properties (range, damage, magazine size, rate of fire, armor penetration, etc.) in four categories (automatic weapons, handguns, sniper rifles and heavy weapons)
68 Missions
38 different monsters in different categories „Minion“, „Sprinter“, „Healer“, „Tank“, "Assassin", "Stuner" and „Boss“
Game complete in German and English
Five difficulties
Modularized turret upgrade system

Planned Features

Survival mode
More weapons, skills, monsters, missions and levels
Crates (experience, money, panic reduction, …)
New equipment (boots, body armor, …)


Hero Defense gameplay video YouTube

Hero Defense gameplay video no. 2 YouTube



There are far more images available for Hero Defense, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


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    Philipp Schindler
    Wörgötterplatz 4
    83435 Bad Reichenhall

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